Grindon Infant School

Attendance Policy


Grindon Infant School aims to maximise attendance rates in order to ensure that all children are able to take full advantage of the learning experiences available to them.




All pupils are expected to attend school regularly and punctually. At the beginning of each week the class with the highest attendance receives the Spike award.  At the end of each term certificates are awarded for full attendance. At the end of the academic year, certificates and small motivational prizes are presented to the children. School also has a range of internal incentives for presentation to the children at the end of each term.




Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child attends school regularly, punctually, appropriately dressed and in a fit condition to learn.

•If a child is prevented for any reason from attending, or is late, parents are requested to notify the school on the first day of absence - by telephone call, or in writing. (Telephone No. 5536865).

•School will contact parents on the first day of absence, if parents do not contact school. A log of absenteeism is kept.

•If school cannot contact parents by telephone, a text message will be sent.

•A pupil's absence must be considered unauthorised until a satisfactory explanation is forthcoming from the parent.

•Parents will be informed promptly of any concerns which may arise over a child's attendance.

•Parents whose child's attendance is a cause for congratulation will be notified by means of a certificate presented to their child at the end of each term.

•Parents should avoid, if at all possible, making medical/dental appointments for their child during school hours.  Parents are requested to present medical/dental cards to the school office, if appointments in school hours are unavoidable.

•Parents whose first language is not English, or who have literacy problems will be offered appropriate support from school in matters of communication.




Staff will endeavour to encourage good attendance and punctuality through personal example. Attendance is the responsibility of all school staff. The school will employ a range of strategies (see appendix) to encourage good attendance and punctuality, and will investigate promptly all absenteeism, liaising closely with parents. Staff will respond to all absenteeism firmly and consistently. It is the responsibility of the school to inform the attendance officer in the locality of attendance and punctuality related problems as soon as possible.


LA attendance procedures will be followed rigorously on the occasion when a pupil does not register at school and school is unable to make contact with the parents to explain their whereabouts.


If appropriate, procedures for locating missing children will be implemented. School will contact and work with the attendance officer advising him/her of their concerns. The Attendance Enforcement Team will be alerted. If the child is subject to a Child Protection Plan or school has particular concerns, Children’s Services Social Care will be notified in the first instance. In the case of LAC children, foster parents will be the immediate first point of contact.


The attendance of vulnerable pupils such as LAC, those subject to a Child Protection Plan and a CAF will be monitored closely in order to alert external agencies of potential difficulties as soon as possible and offer support to the pupil and their family.


Should a child be dual registered and accessing ALP (Alternative Learning Providers), our school will ensure that there is robust communication between both provisions to ensure that the child is attending both settings.




The school bell will be rung at 8.50am and 1.10pm. Registers will be called at 9.00am and 1.15pm. OMR sheets will be completed in pencil – both for attendance and absence. There will be no blanks left on the register. 

•Class teachers will be responsible for sending the register to the office at 9.10am.

•If a child arrives after the collection of registers, the parent must take him/her to the School Office. If a child is consistently late, the Head Teacher will contact the parents.

Absence will be unauthorised if:


•No explanation is forthcoming (and staff have done their best to find out a reason).

•The school is dissatisfied with the explanation.

•Children who arrive late after the registers have closed at 9.30 am.

•The child is taken shopping in school hours.


School will comply with the amended DFE regulations which state that “from 1st September 2013 leave of absence must be requested from and agreed by the Head Teacher in advance of any absence. Head Teachers may not grant any leave of absence unless there are exceptional circumstances. “


The Local Authority can fine parents for failing to ensure that their child attends school.


Sunderland Local Authority will be monitoring all school absences during term time and challenging those schools and parents who do not adhere to the new legislation.




Absences should be explained on the first day of absence. This may be via a quick telephone call to school. (Telephone No. 553 6865)



Strategies for promoting good attendance


    •Grindon Infant School will offer an environment in which pupils feel safe and welcomed. The school's ethos must demonstrate that children feel their presence in school is important, and they will be missed when they are absent or late.

•A varied and flexible curriculum will be offered to all children and individual needs will be catered for.

•Attendance data will be regularly collected and analysed in order to help identify patterns.

•Persistent absentees’ attendance is monitored weekly by the School Office and Head Teacher.

•Head Teacher will meet with parents of persistent absentees or those parents of children who are at risk of becoming a persistent absentee.

•Good attendance will be praised appropriately. A trophy and Spike model is awarded weekly to the class with the highest attendance in the previous week.  In addition, the class receives a special reward.

•Parents will be reminded regularly (via newsletters, parents' evenings etc) of the importance of good attendance.

•Children who are absent through sickness for any extended period of time, will (when appropriate) have work sent home to them and will be integrated back into school upon their return.

•The Head Teacher will make a termly report to Governors on attendance matters. 

•The Head Teacher will have regular meetings with the School Attendance Officer in order to identify and support those children and parents who are experiencing attendance related difficulties.

•School will adopt and implement the Local Authority non attendance procedures in consultation with the School Attendance Officer.

•Visits will be made to our feeder junior school in order to ensure a smooth transition.

•Teachers will be available after school to discuss any difficulties.

This policy should be read in conjunction with the school’s Safeguarding Policy.


Ratified by the Governors on 15.03.16