Grindon Infant School

Information and Objectives
about Equality and Diversity

We are happy to publish the following information and objectives as a way of confirming our long standing commitment to equality and diversity and to ensure that every child and member of staff, no matter what their background or personal circumstances are, fulfil their potential.
Our commitment to equality and diversity is embedded in our:
    Equality, Diversity and Community Cohesion Policy
    Single Equality Scheme
    Single Equality Action Plan
The National Curriculum, RE, assemblies and acts of collective worship are used regularly to ensure that our pupils learn about equality and diversity. We also organise enrichment days and educational visits to further explore and learn about issues linked to equality and diversity.
We welcome the opportunity to share with the public our information and objectives about equality and diversity because:
    It is a way of meeting our responsibilities in relation to the Public Sector Equality Duty.

    It is a way of confirming that the school has due regard for the need to eliminate discrimination, to advance equality of opportunity and to foster good relations.

    It is a way of confirming our commitment to transparency and accountability.

It is because of this that we publish the following objectives for equality and diversity.
We will:
    Ensure that the gap between boys and girls achievement is narrowed, especially in literacy.
    Narrow the gap in achievement between those pupils with disabilities, special needs or learning difficulties and those pupils who do not have disabilities, special needs or learning difficulties.
    Increase opportunities, by means of a more creative curriculum, for all pupils to participate in enrichment activities which address in depth one or more of the nine protected characteristics and enable them to meet, mingle and mix with others.
    Continue to increase the range and quantity of our equality and diversity resource bank to ensure that children and adults of various backgrounds and cultures are represented in a positive way.
As a result of the Public Sector Equality Duty, we publish the following information about the staff:
    97% of our staff are female and 3% are male
    100% of our staff are white British
    21% of our staff are aged 18-35; 34% are aged between 35-50; 45% are aged 50 or over
Males and females will be paid the same wages for doing the same or similar work.
    0% of staff have a disability. If any staff are employed with a disability, adjustments will be made to ensure that they can fulfil their responsibilities.
    All facilities in school are accessible to staff with mobility problems.
    41% of staff are teaching/curriculum support assistants.
    100% of teaching staff have a first degree.
    100% of teaching staff have a teaching qualification.
Staff can take advantage of part time, flexi time and/or job share work arrangements, depending upon their precise job descriptions.
As a result of the Public Sector Duty, we publish the following information about our pupils:
    48% of pupils are female and 52% are male.
    97% of pupils are white British and 3% are black or minority ethnic.
    Parents tell us that 46% of pupils are Christian; 1% are Muslim and 53% have no religion.
    100% of pupils have English as a first language.
    17% of pupils have a disability/special need and/or learning difficulty.
    25% of pupils take free school meals.
In the most recent pupil progress meetings gender differences were noted in literacy where some boys are making less progress than girls. However girls achieved slightly higher levels in maths than boys
Some pupils with identified special needs and disabilities did not make as much progress as other children.
All pupils have access to a broad, balanced and creative curriculum.
All pupils have access to all sports/physical activities.
The September 2011 UK Statutory Instrument which outlines what schools must do in relation to the publication of information and objectives, says that, although information must be updated annually (to take account of pupils entering and leaving the school as well as staff changes), our objectives can remain the same for up to 4 years. We anticipate that some of the objectives above will be retained for at least one additional year, but others are likely to change.
Our information and objectives must be published annually (and no later than a year following the publication of such information and objectives for the first and all subsequent years). We will therefore next publish information and objectives about equality and diversity on 30 March 2016.
School will not publish information which makes it possible for individual pupils or members of staff to be identified.
Mrs A Charlton Mrs A Welsh
Head Teacher Chair of Governors